Sunday, November 27, 2011

Putting up Christmas at the Burts house.

Ok so after we got our half off tree home the lights did not work so we had to take it down and return it grrrrr but as you can see it was totaly worth it. And the gifts underneath are from a killer sale the day before Thanksgiving.

Laura did a great job with this peace of course we had to do something with  the space up there. The picture is of the Natvity and is Awesome to see as you walk down the stairs. I did not squirm to much when Laura said she was going to buy it but I am glad she did.

O man the lights outside well I first put all the white lights up and the realized I put the on back wards so I had to take them down and yes they were working before I put them up there. we plug them in and only half of them worked arrrggg so Laura went thru them all after I took them back down again. Ya she fixed them thanks Laura.

It was freeking cold here in this picture brrrrr

Of course I dont have a jacket on being a tuff guy you all know.

Just nice to have these Reminders of why we celebrate Christmas.

ok so I put these up first just wrapped them around and taped every section on ... well that didnt work out to well so Laura with her talent came up with these bowes very nice I might say.

Laura was on fire with the decorations..

Ok so this is just a preview of what we will be wearing in our Christmas pictures Sheesh!!!!!

Black Friday 2011

Ok so I have to Blog about this weekend , First of all I have never had black friday off  before and I thought it would be awesome to go with my Wife to see what all the hype was about from a Customers point of view. We first decided to go with Candice to Saratoga Springs Wal-Mart and when we got there they were parking blocks away and walking on the streets just to get there so we bailed on that Wal-Mart. We then drove past another Wal-Mart and it was bursting at the seams.... So we went to the Sandy Wal-mart and I cant belive it I found a parking space right at the front. We went in and the line for garden center registers was all the way to the front of the store just to get checked out.. And People were just Smushed together not moving it was crazy. I thought what a disaster of course I would think that after I seen all the palletts on the floor and merchandise scattered all over the place from Customers diving thru everything. My Wife and I made it thru ok of course size in this case does matter when I say excuse me its like they didnt give it a second thought and moved.We managed to find just about everything we needed and made it to the Laptops but they managed to mess that process up and I was not about to wait in line just to be told sorry we messed up and I will tell you if it feels like you are not going to get what you need just keep moving because they are not kidding. We waited in three lines untill we found a line up front that had just three Customers in it but it still took 35 minutes to get to the check outs and even at that point the poor Associates were just stressed out and didnt know what to do with the amount of people that were in there before midninght. We finally made it thru a little disapointed on the way we were talked to but we didnt want to make matters worse and decided to get the heck out of there I can understand the stress . We went back to Wal-mart the next day and found the rest of our list and very Happy Faces and Customer service was awesome they took care of our hang up from the day before and we were happy to spend our money there. Got a Christmas tree for Half off at Sams and some yummmmy Pizza mmmm Can not resist. Laura did realy good at getting what was on her list and I was being a good husband by saying ok dear yes dear the whole time atleast thats my version of the story. I have been in Managment for Wal-mart for almost 8 years and ran Black Friday when we had Layaway and I understand  the hustle and bustle. But from a shopping aspect it is a sport that I did not traine for and I dont think I would. It was nice being with my Wife thru this experiance and us having a great time laughing together and searching for the deals. I am greatful that there are so many great deals that these retailers put on so we are able to save a little money for Christmas. Most of our itmes were $10.00 or less and thats a big savings. Ok just wanted to share that.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wedding Day

I was realy nervouse at this point , But the spirit guided e to say what I had to say and I know it feeled my heart with love and joy.

Laura is a Angel and this picture proves it.

What was I suppost to say again???? Oh man.

Da cake !!!!! How Awesome is that.

Ok so this was the best She did not hold back at all.....

So I didnt either.

I was just making sure she cute the cake,,,,,,Yikes...

Were Married !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burt Family 2011

My Body guards just in case you know things get out of hand some times.

I loved the view this day...Both of them.

Meet the Parents!!!! They are great.

Sisters Forever!!!!

How Cute!!

"Dad" Shes all yours Kenny "Kenny" Done deal.  

Dalton can be so cute some times.
Like I said earlier I am trying to get some of these pictures out there .
We had such a great wedding and everyone chiped in and made it lovely. Laura and my self were just running all day that day and we were ready to say I do and get the heck out of dodge. I cant wait to get sealed in the Temple with Laura and carry those blessing into our new Family as we try to add some numbers to the fold. I know that Heavenly Father brought us together because we both understand what sacrafice means and what are Past have shown us and that we may live the lives we are suppost to live. It has been 6 months since we were married and it has been such a great time. We have fun together , Cry together , struggle together , and even have pillow fights together very often I may add. We are learning on how to raise Dalton together and making sure that he is getting all that he needs Spiritally , Education, Emotionaly, and just a great set of Parents that will be there for him. Well this is the end of todays Blog love you all and thanks to the Browns,Stewarts and Jensen Family for making this possible.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kenny's Family Photos (Tennessee)

My Father Wade Burt , What a Man . He has been a strong Leader in our Family thru all the complaints and tears he has stood strong thru everything that happens good and bad. I am so thankful that he is there for me and has realy been my mentor while I transition thru this world. Love you Dad.

Rebekah Burt my Sister I miss her so much but she is such a great Sister and loves me no matter how far I am away.

Jasper Burt Brother (mini Kenny) Tricia Burt Mom Rebekah Burt Sister

Wade , Kenny , Teresa Burt (Step Mom) @ Airport heading to Mission 2000
Miss you Teresa you always understood me and I know you are preparing the way for us in Heaven.

Jasper Burt carring the legacy on.

Kenneth Wade Burt and Kenneth Albert Burt
My Grandpa and me.
May he rest in peace He was my Father most of my child hood he taught me how to work hard save my pennies and to endure thru everything I work hard at.
Love ya Gramps

Landon Burt ( Nephew)
What a Special Day for me to finally meet him.
My brother Phillip and Sabina's Baby

My Grandma
Shirley Burt
She was my Mom thru out most of my child hood and taught me about Love and how to feel for others.
Love you Grandma so much thanks for everything we all miss you.

So cute.

My Uncle John Burt
My Best Friend and greatest support thru all of it.
Love you Uncle.

WOW what can you say about this AWWWWW

Halloween 2011

Ok all I can tell you is that Laura is a wild one when it comes to the extreme I think she gave Elvis a run for his Money...

Ok I am hoping that this gets me out of the hot seat with the Picture before. To much fun.

Laura did a great job with these Costumes and they were so comfy!!! She is so talented nights and nights of work went into these wonderful costumes (Angry Birds) .

Ok I wanted to be a biker and I think I did it good.

I think the hair was the best part and no thats not Sharpie people come on!!!

Just a great picture of Dalton and our inside pumpkins.
Halloween was so much Fun and I will tell you it did suck a little because I had to be at work Sat Sun Mon and it was busy all three days but I did get into it a bit and I am starting to enjoy the Holidays even more now that I am settled with my new Family and I am realy enjoying how Creative Laura and Dalton are with things ... Just wait till Christmas comes around tis the Season. Thanks again to Laura for all your hard work that you put into the costumes and every thing, Love ya Babe.

Monday, November 7, 2011

How Kenny feeds Dalton when Mom is not around.

Hey your only a Kid once!!!!

Hey how could you say no to this Kid!!!!

O Ya 7 Eleven Rocks.

Very talented now all I need to do is get him to Eat his food.

Peanut Butter Crackers and all he wants is Dorritos.

Ok dont tell your MOM!!!!!

Hey you had to have a big Spoon for a big Bowl...
O good times.

The only way I know how to Cool the kids off. ICE CREAM!!!!