Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Painting the Motorcycle

1989 Suzuki Intruder 750 Before Modifications.
Thanks to my Father in law to give me something to tinker with. May we all have fun with this bike when I get done.

Pulling Bike apart to get ready to paint...

Oh ya I got my work ahead of me on this one.


Clean and primed.

New black paint.

Time consuming.......sheesh

all painted now it has to dry.

All done with the bike except I have to buy a new gas tank.....Summer time cant get here fast enough. Thanks again Pops . Momma Connie :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rodeo Project (1998 3.8 V6) "Overheating issue"

Ok before I get some pictures in here I just want to say this was my first car that I totaly replaced every part that had to deal with the cooling system on the engine side of things. I cant tell you how long I wanted to make a Blog about this. Hopefully my story will help those in the future not have a blond moment and build some patients.

Laura's Rodeo was over heating and when I looked at it the Radiator had blown out the bottom of it. So ya I was like we will replace the radiator and it will be fixed No I was wrong , Dang cooling gauge still showed hott and on the way to overheating. So here is the documented Pictures and facts on how we got it fixed.

Yikes this is what it looks like when you have tons of miles and a 4wheel paccage...

Digging in got all that plastic crap off the top and air intake.

Ok all this for a Thermastat shhhesh!!!!!

Oh look there it is under everything....( Thermostat housing).

Ya Intake had to come off to get to Thermastat housing . Oh ya what you take off must be cleaned and replaced dont learn the hard way....

Now to the cleaning part years of yukkkyyy gas and grime to go thru... Dont worry cleaning is my specialty.

Oh ya fan clutch goes bad during this project go figure wouldnt be the last thing to add to the list.

Oh no a leak from the Radiator intake yikes 10 cent gasket  to fix that 5 bucks for the gasket kit .

Oh what a mess all this just for a water pump, timing belt , accesory belt.

Oh a another leak from the heater core intake Yikkeeess. 10 cent gasket done.

AWWWW look its all clean and back together new gaskets, thermostat and clean its clean...

Ok so water pump may have been bad but hey when your in rome why not....

Hello thermostat just wanted to see if you were there.

Ok so not too bad but hey worth fixing it and putting a new one in.

New timing belt what a haslte this was , Timeing is never this hard yikes.

Some of the parts I replaced...

All back together and pretty Yayyyyy!!!!

Ok so the only part I did not replace was these stupid Transmission lines going to radiator well you guessed it booom!!!! that was a 2 dollar hose come on Kenny what were you thinking.

There She is after all this trama and fixing the rodeo made it to the Family cabin and look how Nice she blends in...
Ok so here is a list of stuff replaced on this project.
-Radiator , Thermostat , Radiator Hoses, Water pump , Accesory belt, Timing belt , Idler pulley, Intake gasket, Radiator intake gasket assembly, Heater core gasket , Transmission cooler hoses , Clutch fan, cooler sensor for thermostat gauge.

Ok so here is how the story ends. after all of this I still could not get it to cool off . No it wasnt a blown head gasket. It was the New Radiator.... It had a cap on the coolent intake on the outside and the inside to keep dirt from going in. Well i took the outside off but the inside got logged into the new radiator hose and it was keeping it from getting pressure... Well after that it starting cooling and has ran just great since.

Laura thanks so much for being there and giving me hope and pushing me you are awesome.

I just wanted to share this with everyone because no matter how deep you get into a project or how hard life gets you can always make it to the finish line if you work hard and dont give up.

Thanks again for Aunt Rhonda lending out the space to work on it. Love ya .

Thanks to Jake and My Dad for all there Wisdom and knowleage during this.

Thanks to Glen for the tools .

Thanks to my Heavenly Father for listining to my prayers and giving me promptings to look at the problems in front of my face.

Getting Daltons Braces

We woke up to some Snow finally and Dalton was in great spirits about getting his braces on.

Look how Happy he was just sittig in the Dentist chair. His Bear Jazzy kept everyone Happpy during the procedure.  

I asked him to smile and I got this rare glimps of I dont know what but I thought this picture was awesome.

AAAAWWWWW So he is so cute and innocent with his new braces now this kid can melt your heart.
Dalton was a brave boy he got red and black rubber bands and is realy doing good after a couple of days having them . We are so blessed to be able to do this for him and there are so many willing to supprt him thru the next two years to get his teeth fixed. We love ya Dalton.