Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2000 Audi A-6 2.8 Quttro Repair (6 months Later)

Thanks to Heather for allowing me to give this car a chance and not see the Junk yard and I learnerd a lot about German cars. We will enjoy it and I we  feel so blessed to have this car running now. Thanks for Having Faith in me.
Thanks to my Wife Laura for putting up with me smelling like fuel and being greasy all the time. Love you. Thanks CD for helping me. and Thanks Steve and Jess for loaning your Garage to me for 4 months. (STATS at Bottom)
OK so First day with this car we towed it to Steve's house and I got the strap stuck under the Strut.... So I had to cut it off 15 bucks already into it. Took me 4 months to clean the Engine and I got big time dirty...

This is one dirty Engine I have my work set out for me for sure!!!

Poof 4 months later and its clean again.

A few Major oil leaks and this is what you get...


Now its back to clean , Clean , Clean....

ACID anyone?????? The easiest electrical problem I have ever fixed.

If your car is going CLICK , Click ,Click when you turn it AXLE or CV joint.

New Axle and CV joint on top , Bad Axle on bottom....

YEP its Bad.... CV JOINT.

New Valve cover Gaskets !!!! YAYYY.

New Fuel Filter , Generic Auto parts never fit.

So driving the car around testing it and the Fuel pump goes out looks like Heart surgery to me..

New Fuel pump !!!! What a tuff fix.


Fuel pump under the Electric seat OK Mechanics we know we don't want this to be leaking Fuel yikes.

Old Fuel pump and Fuel filter all the tools I needed to get them out... OK some are still on the ground.

Cleaned the paint up and all the greasy hand prints off the paint.


This has been a good day!!!!!

Thanks to CD for helping me with the "Surgical Procedure" Appreciate it Bro.

OK so it was nice and shiny out side so we took pictures he he....
Dalton's inheritance OK Maybe but he knows how to take pics.

Yikes hours to get that off...
Its a dirty job...

Here are the things that were wrong with the Audi......

- 3 Major oil leaks Main seal , Valve covers.
- Power Steering leaking.
- CV joint and Axle were Bad on Passenger side.
- Fuel Filter was clogged.
- Fuel pump went out.
- Engine was covered with oil , Steering fluid and Axle grease.

Time it took to do it my self , With some help.
6 months off and on .
36 hours worth of work I did.
6 hours worth of work shop did.

Don't want to talk about the $$$ it wasn't bad but yikes its a German Car....

One concussion later when the Hood feel down on my head this morning I felt like I was going to turn Green for a minute , Because you will not like it when  I am mad..... But I controlled my self and layed on the ground for a minute. 

I enjoy a good challenge and It teaches me patients.

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